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Historical fiction about the archaeology of the Lost Colony



About The Coffins: Andrea Warren, a young archaeologist with Native American roots, sets out on a journey to the Outer Banks of North Carolina hoping to unearth the truth about her father. But when she inherits an old trunk containing his field notes, strange things begin to happen. Dreams, visions, and voices from the past seem to be warning her that her life is in danger.Events turn deadly when  she discovers the trunk yields evidence that might solve one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time:


What happened to the Lost Colonists

of Roanoke Island? Where did Virginia Dare go?


 4.5 Stars on Amazon!!!


The saga continues...





"Historical fiction as it  should be written. 

Think Sue Grafton meets Ivor Noel Hume. A true page-turning crime thriller.

A great read!  Dr. Charles Ewen, Director

   Phelps Archaeology Lab, East Carolina Univeristy

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