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The Smart, Creative, Happy Life

I am glad you are here. Yep, that's me in the picture. No airbrushing or photo alteration, no glitz and glam here, certainly not the version of me that you see on other websites, back in the day when I was doing a lot of radio and television, writing books with "attitude" like STUPID ABOUT MEN. This is pretty much what I look like most days, at least in winter when it;s cold and I'm sitting in bed writing on my laptop, probably returning emails and drinking my morning coffee.

The rest of the website tells you a lot about me in general, but this is where you will read about my daily life, my writing journey, and my creative pursuits. I'll share my travels and my repurposing projects. I'll try to post every few days.

With the help of writing and art I have crafted a life that allows me to live authentically, doing the things I enjoy most, without caring too much about what other people think. Rick loves his work as a soybean seed specialist, making handcrafted sausage on the side and listening to his bluegrass music. I love what I do. In July we will be married 45 years. Compared to others our age we are quite young and active.

I want you to have the kind of life you want too. My logo is SmartaboutLife. I want you to live a Smart Life too. You may not be creative. You may not write, paint, or make things. But in order to live the smart life you have to be passionate about something. Too often many people resort to affairs, unhealthy pursuits, addictions, and making money as a way to handle their problems. I'm talking about developing healthy passions, passions that are constructive and life-building rather than destructive and wasteful.

Perhaps in sharing my journey you will get the courage to explore your own passions in healthy ways too, whatever those passions are. I simply want to open your mind to the possibilities and by showing you how I do that perhaps you'll see that it is not as difficult as you imagine. Like the song by Pink that I love, Brave, says: "I want to see you be brave."

But you can't just read about it, you will have to work at it. A smart life is not just well-lived, it is well-crafted. Creating a good enriched life is like planting a garden. You don't just plant it and leave it to suffer the elements. It must be carefully weeded, fertilized, and watered. You must cultivate it by putting in the hours, the love, and the energy needed to get the good harvest you truly desire.

So welcome. I look forward to getting to know you and I hope you learn something here!

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